At a time when censorship of truth has become the norm, when corporate agendas often masquerade as philanthropy, or are greenwashed with the term sustainable development, when ideals and integrity have largely vanished in a me-first world that is rife with hidden agendas, it has become our mission, insofar as we are able, to find and shine the bright light of truth into areas that are often not what they seem. We draw on the expertise of doctors, lawyers, and scientists, and on the research of experts not in the pay of industry. And because we recognize the debilitating effects that fear does cause, we also offer such resources as may restore balance, renew hope, and which will help to restore the damaged psyche, the depleted spirit. There is no one size fixes all, but there are tools, and it is our hope that they may be of some help to you in this time of global crises.



In these tumultuous times, there are the seeds of a truly global awakening. It is the time for which humankind has been preparing for centuries. We now find ourselves presented with an opportunity as never before in history to create a future in which we all can thrive. 


This is a time of momentous potential for breakthrough and the expansive realization of dreams our forefathers could not imagine.


Resources to Restore Hope & Nourish the Spirit  


A National Information Campaign

Freedom movements, protests, rallies, alternative online platforms & search engines are blossoming in this climate of increasing tyranny over our lives – millions of tweets and posts, reports and memes are inundating social media. We are at a tipping point…

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The public has been manipulated and coerced into perceiving COVID as an existential crisis.
A significant portion of the public has been captured by the Stockholm Syndrome. 

Directly challenging the beliefs of these people will only accentuate their fear and the Syndrome.

How can we continue to connect with those who are being manipulated through their fear?

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The entire country has been subjected to a nonstop barrage of propaganda & information from government and health authorities. Much of this information is contradictory & illogical. By accentuating the looming immediacy of an apparent existential threat, authorities have duped people into compliance.

 When people relinquish their natural ability for critical thinking, they become victim to whatever decree the government may issue.

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– Reduce the level of antagonism & division in the community.

–  The time for NON-COMPLIANCE is now. Take off our masks. Gather. …BE FREE
– Attract increasing support for activist groups and other expressions of resistance – CALL to ACTION

– Inform ourselves with the latest research – LINKS to RESOURCES

Thank you for checking us out & for caring about freedom…