It's perhaps one of the most stressful times at a global level, that we've ever seen. So this page is dedicated to nourishing our emotional, psychological, mental health. And we hope that some of the exercises, music, and uplifting frequencies, guided meditations, talks by spiritual leaders, videos, etc. might help begin the process of restoring balance, nourishing psyche and spirit along the way...

An Introduction

when all one hears in the news is a never-ending bombardment of frightening information, it can be difficult to remember that beauty and goodness still exist. But no matter what is happening on the planet, there is also a great deal of beauty, light, and goodness still out there too, just waiting for us to remember. Waiting for us to see…flowers & trees & stars, a child’s laughter, a friend’s smile – goodness & grace alive in each one of us…


Childhoods Delight by Juscha Grunther

G R A T I T U D E – the short film by Louie Schwartzberg

Seagleams by J Grunther

Photo Credit Juscha Grunther

ENERGY – Frequency – life

Everything that exists is composed of energy – of frequency and vibration, thus we can be vulnerable to other’s energy, to those “negative vibes” we all encounter from time to time, and to the wireless technology that now surrounds us 24/7 365 days a year in the form of our cell phones and towers, our smart meters and cordless phones, our wifi routers, and more. Thousands of Non-industry funded studies now tell us that this microwave radiation causes a lot of harm, both physical, and psychological (this isn’t the forum to go into these details here – reports and other info on this subject are available HERE. Taking time out from from our busy days, turning our cellphones and wifi routers off while we take time out for ourselves is so very important. We suggest doing this if possible while following the guided meditations and music offered here. (there are apps available that allow you to download them to your computer so you don’t need to be inundated in harmful radiation while soothing a stressed psyche 🙂


432hz – It is said that this is the frequency of the universe, is the frquency of the universal OM. I listen to it at night sometimes while I sleep and I find I do wake with more clarity and more of a feeling of well being than when I don’t. Here are some to get started: 


Shamanic Drums ✚ Tibetan Bowls OM Chanting 432Hz Miracle Meditation Music  

432hz☼Tibetan Bells☼Meditation Music☼Yoga☼Deep Meditation☼DNA Repair☼  

Eagle Nebula
SHIVA & the Universe


 There is something mysterious and marvellous in how this ancient language – the most ancient on earth – seems to have the power to align the spirit with a higher frequency and vibration. The first time I heard Kirtan at the Salt Spring Island Yoga Centre, I was hooked. Longtime practitioners say that just intoning these ancient words of god, actually connect you to whatever is that eternal mysterious source.

It seems to work on the same principle as that which causes a guitar’s strings to vibrate, when another, far across the room, has its strings plucked.

Here are a few that I find to be particularly nourishing to psyche and spirit – I will continue to add to this list as I am able 🙂

Purity of Mind Lotus Sutra – sung by none other than Tina Turner, astonishingly enough 🙂                                                   

Moods of KIRTAN (Siksastakam)                                                          

Sathya Sai Baba Chanting the Gayatre               

Bhagavan | Sanskrit | Healing Frequency 

Mahavatar Babaji-Mantra Meditation- Babaji Mantra 


Hathor Pineal Gland Dimensional Attunement – Tom Kenyon seems to channel “other” beings with his voice

The Great Bell Chant narrated by Thich Nath Hanh

Deep Peace to You – Achingly lovely choral by Bill Douglas   

Relaxing Sound of Rain and Wind in Forest 1 Hour Rain Drops Falling From Trees with Wind 

Pacific Gold Photograph by Juscha

Photo Credit Juscha Grunther


This is a guided meditation/prayer for the planet. The more people open their hearts rather than be frozen in fear, the more beneficial change is effected even at physical levels. This prayer was created by my qigong teacher Yuan Tze, who studied many years under numerous masters in China when qigong was outlawed. It is set to music by a tibetan lama singing the Heart Sutra…

This beautiful healing session was conducted at a weeklong Ren Xue Qigong retreat early in 2020. I took the recorded audio file and set it to 432hz bells, and tibetan style OM & other frequencies. Spoken by Yuan Tze’s partner Melissa, this session aims to heal the heart & mind… Yuan Tze is from China & studied for many years under various masters of disciplines that included, but were not limited to qigong…

WHO ARE YOU ….. Really?

A deeply beautiful, insightful investigation into reality, truth, and who we are,

beyond this life we are so wrapped & held in… by Kosi

Other methods by which to free one’s mind, to uplift, de-stress, & connect to source

Connecting with Beauty is Critical

Beauty is a physical manifestation, a sort of emblem, of a higher reality that we believe exists in parallel with our own lives, at some other, higher frequency and vibration. It is like a portal to spirit. Beauty is everywhere, once we open our hearts and can “see” it.  It may manifest in our gratitude for a child’s innocent laughter, or that adorable dog’s wagging tail, or in that already budding magnolia daring to swell with life even in the very  depths of winter…

Qigong – if you find the right teacher, connects one directly to source, to that nourishing and life-giving qi. Qi is the finest particle of life and is described as the life force of everything that exists. I have taken classes from a few different well qualified people, and there is one very good teacher here on Salt Spring Island, BC who teaches a style called Golden Shield. My personal teacher lives very far away, but he is truly an exceptional teacher, and his teachings are now available online. A special introduction to his method, principle, technique, can be found at Planet of Wisdom (the complete version)                                                      

Walk in Nature – going barefoot on the sand, in the waves, in the forest. Hugging a tree. Opening the senses to sunlight, and life, green and growing and irrepressible life – it too is nourishing to the spirit at a very fundamental level. 7.83hz is said to be the resonant frequency of the earth – the Schumann resonance, and it is also the frequency at which our brains vibrate when in a deeply relaxed state – that place between waking and sleep when creativity & intuition is most alive, or during meditation when, if we are successful, our brains go into Alpha mode. Going  barefoot connects us to life, it literally grounds out excess, negative energy that may have built up in us.

Sungazing According to more & more health professionals sunlight is essential for good health. From the synthesis of Vit D (critical to the immune system), to  energy production at a cellular level, to helping us overcome depression, gazing at the sun for 20 or 30 seconds during the safe hours (i.e within first hour after sunrise or the last hour before sunset when the sun’s rays are most gentle) is apparently really important for our overall well being.

It is done barefoot thereby taking in the earth’s energy as well. Read about ‘Earthing’. Generally people reckon that gazing at the sun can cause serious damage to your retina., etc., but if sun-gazing is done in the right manner (more about it below), then it can have unbelievable results, in fact it improves your eye-sight. 

  • Relief of stress and tension
  • stimulates the pineal gland
  • Increased energy
  • Boosts production of the feel good hormones serotonin and melatonin
  • Improved eyesight
  • Reduces hunger pains –body is completely nourished by the sun (Some people claim to have been able to take part in this practice and not eat anything during the entire process which is usually about 9 or 10 months)
  • Increased size of pineal gland
  • Releasing of internal blockages
  • Increased human potential 

Childhood's Innocence

Photo Credit Juscha Grunther

Connecting through Nature

Photo Credit Juscha Grunther

A Westcoast Forestscape Photograph by Juscha Grunther

Photo Credit Juscha Grunther

Thank you for connecting with us…




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