Despite much of what we are told by mainstream science, mainstream media, & mainstream health organizations, 5G and wireless radiation is actually harmful to physical, mental, and psychological health. It is a technology that was originally engineered by military for military purposes. There are thousands of studies that have been done over the years by scientists and researchers not in the pay of the telecom industry that show great harm is indeed associated with this technology.

The government itself (never of course published in mainstream, and certainly not meant for the public ever to catch wind of) has compiled thousands of studies that also show extreme harm and detrimental effects ranging from headache and insomnia, to causing ruptures in the blood/brain barrier, from depression, anxiety, and ADD, to heart arrhythmias and cancer. One such government document is titled ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD INTERACTIONS WITH THE HUMAN BODY: OBSERVED EFFECTS AND THEORIES, compiled by NASA in 1981:

Another document that outlines the numerous harms and “side effects” of EMF, RF, and other wireless microwave type radiation was compiled by the Naval Medical Research Institute in 1972, titled BIBLIOGRAPHY OF REPORTED BIOLOGICAL PHENOMENA (‘EFFECTS’) AND CLINICAL MANIFESTATIONS ATTRIBUTED TO MICROWAVE AND RADIO-FREQUENCY RADIATION – See the actual document, released through Freedom of Information at

Among the harms outlined in this document are:

B. Changes in Physiologic Function

 9. Altered Fetal Development

 16. Altered Blood Flow Rate

 17. Alterations In the Biocurrents (EEG?) of the Cerebral Cortex (in animals)

Pathological (b) Changes in the Eyes

 25. Generalized Degeneration of all Body Tissue At Fatal Levels of Radiation

 27. Death

 1. Headaches

 2. Inomnia

 5. Cranial Nerve Disorders

 9. Seizures, Convulsions

 1. Neuro-vegetative Disorders (e.g., alteration of heart rhythm)

 2. Fatigue

 3. Structural Alterations in the Synapses of the Vagus Nerve

 4. Stimulation of Parasympathetic Nervous System (Bradycardia), and Inhbition of the Sympathetic Nervous System

 1. Neurasthenia- (general “bad” feeling)

 2. Depression

 3. Impotence

 4. Anxiety

 5. Lack of Concentration

 6. Hypochondria

 7. Dizziness

 8. Hallucinations

 9. Sleepiness

 10. Insomnia

 11. Increased Irritabiiity

 12. Decreased Appetite

 13. Loss of Memory

 2. Phagocytic (polymorphs) and Bactericidal Functions of ?

 3. Hemolysis Rate (increase), (a shortened lifespan of cells)

 1. Thrombosis

 2. Hypertension

J. Enzyme and Other Biochemical Changes

 7. Toxin, Fungus, and Virus Inactivation (at high radiation dose levels), Bacteriostatic Effect

 8. Tissue Cultures Killed

 9. Alteration In Rate of Cell Division

L. Gastro-Intestinal Disorders

 1. Anorexia (loss of appetite)

 2. Epigastric Pain

 3. Constipation

 4. Altered Secretion of Stomach “Digestive Juices”

M. Endocrine Gland Changes

 1. Altered Pituitary Function

 2. Hyperthyroidism

 3. Thyroid Enlargement

 4. Increased Uptake of Radioactive Iodine by Thyroid Gland

 5. Altered Adrenal Cortex Activity

O. Genetic and Chromoscrtal Changes

 1. Chromosome Aberrations (e.g., linear shortening, pseudochiasm, diploid structures, amitotic division, bridging, “sticky” chromosomes, irregularities in chromosomal envelope)

 2. Mutations

 5. Neoplastic Diseases (e.g., tumors)

 Also, orientation of animals, birds, and fish in electromagnetic fields

Q. Miscellaneous Effects

 5. Loss of Hair

 7. Sensations of Buzzing Vibrations, Pulsations, and Tickling About the Head and Ears

As you can see, the harms are numerous and serious indeed. One can’t help but ask the question, why, if the government was fully aware of the extreme harm these frequencies cause, was it allowed to flourish outside of military applications, such that society today can virtually no longer function without it?

I think a clue that may be found on the World Economic Forum website, in the section called Strategic Intelligence:

We have been led to believe that 5G is a fabulous, must-have technology, that instead of having to wait a whole 30 seconds for our movie to download, we only have to wait 10 seconds. Wow! And astonishingly many people seem to believe that the industry is spending literally TRILLIONS of dollars on this technology for our faster download convenience. The reality is actually very much more sinister. For 5G will not only enable increased robotization of the workplace and home, it will be used to drive a smart sensor driven data harvesting program that has made all previous surveillance look like child’s play. It will be used to roll out a universal Digital Identity (see ), and will enable what is now being called the ‘Internet of Things’ to function seamlessly – that is, to achieve the merging of real life with a virtual or augmented reality, connecting man and computer, human being and Artificial Intelligence. Sound like science fiction to you? I assure you it is not. Both Elon Musk with his Neuralink project – – and DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) with its neural interface technology ( ) show beyond a shadow of a doubt that this technology not only exists, but is starting to be rolled out in the general population, and very likely not for our benefit…


DARPA’S work on Computer Simulations of Online Social Behaviour:

Info on DARPA’s Sentient World Simulation project (SWS):

A Science Direct article on DARPA’s SWS states:

The SWS consists of a synthetic environment that mirrors the real world in all its key aspects. Models of individuals within the synthetic world represent the traits and mimic the behaviors of their real-world counterparts.

How Cell Phones, Computers, Gaming, and Social Media are Changing our Brains, our Behaviour, and the Evolution of our Species: