1.   Beginning the letter:   Introduction and Connection

”Dear ______” 

Write one or two sentences letting them know: 

  1. 1. where you’re writing from; 
  2. 2. that you have concerns; or are sharing information; and/or  have a question.

2.    Body of the letter:  challenge, inform and question.

Cut and paste a paragraph or two from the Collections below (Optional: Add your own points and facts.  Add emotion. Make the comment yours! ) 

Add questions: e.g. ”Why are you doing this?” “How can you do this to us?” “Don’t you know…?”   “Can’t you see that your Orders are killing people unnecessarily?”  *

3.   ENd of letter — Shining a light, lifting the vibration.

Open your heart and in your own words call the person (Bonnie Henry in my examples) to their true self, their heart and higher wisdom, knowing they know what is right and proper, calling on them to do the right thing for the people they serve. (See examples at the end.)

    1. 1. has direct questions that require answers 
    2. 2. Specifically asks for a reply: “I look forward to your reply.” “Please respond.” “I await your answer.” “Please acknowledge receipt of this letter.”
    3. 3. Emphasize the impacts on you: what you’re feeling… despair, devastation, confusion


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We plan to compile these files of letters in the thousands as part of another campaign to show the compliers in this country the weight of argument from other Canadians exposing the fraud.


* NOTE: The “you” here and in the paragraphs below is intended for letters to the Public Health Officer.   Alter this as needed for your target recipient.


The expected overwhelming of the hospital system did NOT occur as expected. So why were the oppressive measures of your PHO not lifted after the initial emergency was over in March/April hospital emergency when hospital rooms stood empty or under-utilized.  Continuing anti-COVID measures have caused a great deal of injury and harm to patients, the general populace and to the economy, and has destroyed relationships.

COVID -19 is ranked low on Pandemic Severity Index of the CDC; and is widely viewed by tens of thousands of doctors and medical professionals internationally as a treatable virus to be compared to a “moderate” or “mild” flu. So how can you justify the measures you have mandated, when the threat of COVID has not materialized as anticipated, and the number of deaths are a small fraction of what was predicted?

The epidemiological evidence clearly shows that the “pandemic” is over and the evidence that this is true has been available for at least 4-5 months. It is undeniable…Why do you deny it?  

Dr Yeardon, ex-vice president and Chief Science Officer of Pfizer Pharmaceutical has said the “Pandemic is fake   He cites a Stanford study, saying:   ‘After extensive world wide surveys, pre-eminent scientists such as John Ioannidis, professor of epidemiology at Stanford University in California, have concluded that the mortality rate is closer to 0.2 per cent.’    Why are you calling this a virus a pandemic?

Surely you are aware the alleged “second wave” is a fake! The ex-vice president of Pfizer along with 60,000 other doctors, medical professionals and scientists,  has said there never was a pandemic. The so-called second wave is a product of the misuse of PCR tests, something known by every scientist in the field. Surely you cannot pretend not to know this. So wifi you do, doesn’t this mean you are knowingly terrorizing the population you have taken an oath to protect and serve?  

Please explain why cases of seasonal flu have fallen to less that 5% of the number expected at this time of year, when you are are claiming that rising cases of COVID to justify reimposing the crippling measures that have already done so much damage in the province.  I would like you to tell me what guidelines you have issued to ensure that cases of the flu cannot be misdiagnosed as COVID cases.

It appears the COVID virus has never even been isolated!   I have found no lab in the world that has done this work, following the 4 gold standard Koch principles by which a new infective agent is isolated, culttivated, reinfected and found to cause the symptoms of COVID.  So how do you know what are you testing for?  What are these “rising cases” supposed to be cases of?  Please send me references to the studies for COVID that you reviewed,

Why are mitigation measures policy and mandates continuing to be promoted and enforced now that deaths are near zero? Before you tell me cases are rising, please tell me    1. Why are you testing asymptomatic people? 2. What level of cycles being used do your guidelines specify with PCR tests.  

Given that PCR tests regularly register false positive up to over 90%  How do you justify using “rising cases” as a basis for policy decisions that have had devastating effect, causing economic collapse, social dislocation, unnecessary trauma and untold deaths across the province?  

Why are you saying there is a “Second wave”? Since June/July death rates have fallen and have remained low or near zero; and medical professionals, doctors and scientists and the volume of scientific research focussed on this alleged pandemic have determined that COVID-19 had run its course by June or July and there is no reason to expect of a second wave requiring the interventions currently in place.

Why is the PCR test being used in this pandemic? PCR testing is being misused  to create meaningless high results because amplification is being applied far beyond the recommendations of the manufacturer. PCR tests are well known to yield up to over 90% false positives! Why are you are shutting down society on the basis of such obviously inappropriate tests?

When you declare there is a second wave,  aren’t you also declaring that your HPOs and allegedly anti-COVID measures have had no significant effect on the progress of the virus. It is a tragedy that you have caused so much damage to a population in what may now be seen as a colossal error in judgment.  So can yo please explain how can you possibly be doubling down on those same ineffective measures you were wrong about before? 


Please tell me how COVID, which has killed only 300 some people over 10 months in a population of 5.1 million people, justifies continuing the measures you have already imposed on us that have led directly to the deaths of many times more people. Didn’t you take the Hipppocratic oath?

Many more people are dying because of your orders than from the virus. For months thousands of people have not received treatments and care. Many are dying unnecessarily.   Suicides have skyrocketed, hundreds are dying of despair.  Your public health orders are killing people.   You are a doctor! 

Did you know your orders have no power under the Constitution of Canada?.Public Health Orders can only carry the weight of law in a time of a health emergency,     Tens of thousan ds of doctors and lawyers are declaring there has never been a “health” emergency.   The emergency is caused by your health orders Not by a virus. Why are you doing this to us?   You’re a doctor!

Experts in medicine, psychology and sociology are warning that if these measures continue they will create increasing levels of devastation and long term harm in the future.  Why are you deaf to any experts that are speaking to the wen-being of the people? Given that they are giving voice for what tens of thousands of other professionals are saying, and what virtually everyone knows to be true anyway, then what you are doing, the damage you are causing has to be deliberate.  Why?

Your PHO for masks and lockdowns are the complete opposite of recommendations of   more then 44,000 scientists, public health experts and clinicians so far, including Nobel Prize winner Dr Michael Levitt in The Great Barrington Declaration, co-authored by three professors from Oxford, Harvard and Stanford universities who say we should be going back to normal life again. 

It is apparent with regard to masks that you are ignoring a formidable collective of respected scientific opinion and relying instead on something else.  Where are you getting your information?  Dozens of proper scientific studies and meta-studies—and you yourself—have said masks are next to useless if not dangerous to health.   In line with the evidence from statistics so far this year re COVID, the WHO has strongly oppose lockdowns which they say are ineffective and will only cause long term devastation particularly to poorer people. What possible science can you cite to give credibility to the orders you are issuing?

In 2011, a review of the literature by the British Columbia Centres for Disease Control found no scientific or medical evidence supporting efficacy of these measures. Please tell me the science you can cite to justify the use of these measures this year for COVID. Specifically: Self-isolation of asymptomatic people, social distancing, use of facemasks, the closing down of or restrictions on religous places of worship, arbitrary closure of businesses, closure of schools, daycares, park amenities, and playgrounds, the discontinuance of access to education, medical, dental, chiropractic, naturopathic, hearing, dietary, therapeutic, and other support for the physically and mentally disabled, particularly special needs children with neurological disorders.  

The impact of your arbitrary and ineffective measures on our young people will be catastrophic if continued.  It is terrible that children are being made to wear masks, avoid playmates, follow a new rinse-and-spit saliva test that is based on the worthless PCR test, neither of which have any basis in legitimate science. Don’t you know that children have as much a chance of dying of COVID as being hit by lightning? That means instead of a futile attempt to save 1 in 100,0000 children from dying of COVID, you are causing fear, social destruction and lifelong damage to 99,999 thousand children who have a right to joy and life. As a doctor, how you can justify this abuse of a generation of children?  

It appears that you anti-COVID measures were created and have been maintained without significant input from the public or medical professionals or frontline doctors.  They have not been founded with reference to credible and long established science. Please explain the basis in science. Otherwise, how can you argue that your anti-COVID measures are legitimate health measures, and not merely a cynical exercise of power to remove inalienable rights and freedom from the people of BC that you took and oath to serve?

 Anti-COVID measures do not consider the different needs and vulnerability of different groups of people. The young, the old, and those of working age.  Clealy all data and science shows the young face virtually no risk, and those up to 70 years How did you let that happen?  Isn’t it a concern to you.  If I am wrong

Why have you not clearly set up channels for government and public health authorities to receive information from either the public? or from frontline and emergency doctors who actually have experience treating patients?

Why are we hearing that doctors in this province have been pressured to stay quiet and effectively denied the right to speak? I have heard from doctors that their licences and careers have been threatened  if they express concerns about the official policy and measures you are imposing.  Do you agree that doctors have the freedom under the Canadian Charter of Rights to speak publicly about their concerns, or do you oppose their fundamental Charter rights?

Why do you not publicize and implement successful treatments protocols? Why are you saying nothing at all about strengthening our immune system.  You lock us down but say nothing about maintaining our health.

Sweden took an entirely different approach and, as of mid-September, their infection rate reached an all-time low and COVID-19 related deaths were at zero; Sweden has also largely escaped the financial ruin and catastrophic mental health problems experienced in other countries, including Canada and the U.S.A.;

It is ridiculous that children must remain socially distanced from their friends and being made to believe that they can never be trusted not to infect their family and friends. Can’t you see that this is child abuse  that will cause lasting social and psychological damage?

 I fear, given your evident disregard to the damage and deaths caused so far by your PHOs, that you are about to force further decisions onto the public that we will look back on with deep regret. The only justification you give for your latest abuse of power is the rising number of cases derived from an inappropriate testing procedure  that has been decried by thousands of doctors and the person that created it, and which is being misused in a way that could be argued is criminally negligent.  


I suggest writing a single sentence, calling a person to their higher Self, their truth seeker, that one that knows right from wrong. What follows below is just to give you an idea of the tone I am suggesting.

Open your heart and let your soul speak to the soul centre of the the person you are writing to.

Use your own words in this vein, so that these few samples don’t end up in every letter

I have no doubt that your intentions are positive…

You hold the lives of so many people in your hands…

You are shaping the future of so many children…

I know that you know what is happening.  Please…

Please consider again the impact that your decisions are having…

Please check inside, to connect with what you know is right…

It’s time to make the right decision…

You are in such a unique position to truly serve those of us who are trusting you.

Think of the children who….

Think of the old people dying abandoned by the ones they love…

I can’t imagine the pressure you are under…

Know that when you make the right decision…