“Today, Americans would be outraged if UN troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow, they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all people of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil… 

“Individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by their world government.”

Henry Kissinger 

At the 1992 Secretive Bilderberg Group Meeting 

INFOrmation at a glance

GEtting started

Everyone asks the same question – How could they ALL be wrong – all the world’s media, all the world’s governments, institutions, doctors, scientists? How could any of it possibly be untrue on such a grand scale? This is our attempt to bring as many pieces of an extremely complex puzzle together, to try to look into this very good question, to try to understand.  



The PCR Test has been the main tool used to diagnose Covid cases around the world. Based on the number of positive results this test has yielded, the W.H.O declared Covid-19 a pandemic in March of 2020. Not discussed in mainstream media, government, the CDC and other institutions is the fact that PCR tests were never meant to be used as a  primary diagnostic tool, because depending on the number of Cycle Thresholds (the amount of amplification) used to try to find the virus in tissue samples, PCR actually produces 30% to 90% FALSE POSITIVES.


Informed Consent - where there is risk there must be choice


The new normal until a vaccine becomes available – this is what we were told over and again. But the message is already changing again – even with the vaccine we must continue to wear the masks, continue to distance and isolate and quarantine, continue in this ghastly new normal that has taken over our lives. Even with the vaccine. The CDC states in its guidance for fully vaccinated people that there is a “residual risk of fully vaccinated people becoming ill with COVID-19 or transmitting SARS-CoV-2 to others.”


Judgment at Nuremberg

The nuremberg code - it's about us now...

10 standards established by the Nuremberg war crimes tribunal after WW2 oblige physicians conducting experiments on human subjects to ensure voluntary informed consent of the human subjects and to protect their right to control their own body. Covid mRNA vaccines have numerous inherent problems, not least of which is the fact that they have never before been approved for human use as previous coronavirus mRNA vaccines caused illness & death in all animals in past trials.  The Nuremberg Code was created to keep humanity safe – to ensure that medical experiments are NEVER AGAIN FORCED upon people


World Doctor's Alliance

Doctors scientists lawyers uncensored

Here you will find links to Open Letters to Government signed by thousads of doctors, the Great Barrington Declaration signed by over 50,000 doctors, scientists & other health professionals, and much more. At the bottom of the page is a great video put out by Canadian Doctors.


World Doctors Alliance


An independent non-profit alliance of doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals and staff around the world who have united in the wake of the Covid-19 response chapter to share experiences with a view to ending all lockdowns and related damaging measures and to re-establish universal health determinance of psychological and physical wellbeing for all humanity. 

Sign their Open Letter:



Conspiracy ... NOT Theory

By Tamara Holmes

The Decade of Vaccines. A well-documented agenda by Bill Gates to vaccinate every person on the planet. And there’s an end game.

What’s the truth? What’s fiction? What’s real? What’s not? What’s allowed to be said? What’s censored? Why?

What is happening in the world while you are fed minute by minute updates on COVID-19? Have you heard the phrases COVID-19 and Conspiracy Theory interlinked since lockdown began due to the virus SARS-CoV-2?

Have you seen the backlash when doctors and scientists question what they see on the ground? Accused of being dangerous by sharing mistruths with the public, they are then censored for having a different interpretation of the same data that challenges the story we are told by the organizations we trust.

I decided to investigate for myself whether any of the claims I was hearing or seeing could be true. It was just too far-fetched for me to believe or want to consider. I needed to see the sources.



Excellent Documentary Looking into the Nature & Hidden Aspects

of the Covid Pandemic

Hidden Agendas?

The steps to creating world domination are often tiny, and go unnoticed in the busyness of our lives. But Covid-19 has shown the world at large, if one cares to look beyond a carefully controlled narrative, something of the true nature of the powerful forces that have, until now, been largely operating covertly behind the scenes.

Fear is a powerful motivating force that has been used by many dictators and despots over the years, incuding Hitler and Mussolini. When one is in fear, one will accept “help” from those who offer a solution when that help may be but a thinly disguised Trojan Horse. So our intent in making people aware of agendas that are hidden behind such catastrophes as Covid-19 and the likely ensuing economic crash, is not to add to that fear, but to find creative ways of overcoming the fear, so that the world’s peoples may join together to stand against these hidden agendas that do not, and never had our best interests at heart.


OVERREACH & Unlawful Acts by Government & Health Institutions

At the time of this writing (Jan 29 2021) there are currently 2 lawsuits against the Trudeau government getting off the ground in Canada. Why? To hold the government to account for its many lies and crimes in regards to the story we have been told about Covid-19, and the extreme measures which have been taken ostensibly to deal with this crises.

In Europe, a coalition of over 1,000 doctors, scientists and virologists (The Extra-parliamentary Corona Investigation Committee and the World Doctors Alliance) has formed to conduct an inquiry into the truth of Covid-19 and its management by world government organizations such as the UN, the WHO, the CDC, and government heads and leaders. Based on easily verifiable statistics, these experts basically agree that this pandemic has been greatly exaggerated for political purposes of control, and that the fallout from global mandates of lockdown has resulted in far greater harm than the virus ever caused



The World Economic Forum (WEF), along with Bill Gates, seems indeed to be at the very centre of the Pandemic web – From research I and many others have done, they appear to be involved in everything from organizing a global vaccine rollout, to the digital vaccine passports that are now beginning to come to pass in various countries, to a global Digital ID which is to be injected by vaccine (ID2020 partnered with GAVI – The Global Vaccine Alliance, and Bill Gates, among others), to a plan that is to utilize people’s fear of one another’s germs to replace roughly 3/4 of the world’s workforce in the Retail, Entertainment, and Restaurant industries with Robotization, mechanization, and AI (Artificial Intelligence)…   


Thank you for CARING ABOUT  truth





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